Guidelines in Tweeting Intelligently Using Twitter

How to tweet cleverly:

Majority is aware the power of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter of course. Since branding and online image do matter a lot.  Although twitter has its individual discretion, there are still some under-looked issues in this, social media that needed to be addressed.

Tweeting means to cram or putting all the desired info into only 140 characters, something like doing the text messaging. This is like bringing the known short hand text into online messaging. Through this, you have the power to break or or build your followers. So, extra care is much needed in tweeting. Remember to something a greater value, yet just keeping to be who you are. Your tweets should consist of intelligent or brilliant thoughts. And be mindful for trending topics, as it may lead you to have more followers or exposure.

Include the necessary hashtags ‘#’ , so that you will be conveniently ensured that your tweets appear in the searches. Do spend too much time to find out the popular or most known # categories.  Commonly your favorites do usually have something to do with most fresh trending topics, like #nowplaying.


If you will retweet, you can inform the owner of that account that you find his/her tweets interesting, in that way the rapport could be built, by thanking and engaging with them. No need to retweet everything, only those contents you think that are inspirations, interesting and worth the precious time of your followers.

Tweeting is a way to express one’s thought and ideas, even just a simple tweet about your favorite rice makerimages (2).

Therefore, cultivating a more intelligent and wholesome style or strategy in using Twitter is indeed vital. If you are able to use a great common sense and discretion, there is a great chance that it will let you far even the medium is still an infant.

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